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Math Pack, the complete math refresher app for K-9 kids!!

Math Pack is for kids (parents too) to practice math flash cards in a challenging way to sharpen the brain. This app contains virtual flash cards for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Missing numbers, Fraction, Decimal, Rounding, Roman numbers, Factors, Order of Operations, Percentage, Divisible rules, Greatest common factor, Least common multiple, Exponentiation, Geometry Point/Line/Shape, Pre algebra, Linear algebra, Quadratic algebra, Geometry and Probabililty. Each virtual Pack has four skill levels A, B, C and D. You can choose either multiple choice mode or direct answering mode on each quiz.

With nearly 25 math operations and 4 skill levels, there are more than 50,000 math flash cards!!

Challenging and Motivating

On each quiz, there are 10 randomly selected questions. For each correct answer, you score 5 points. If you answer within 10 seconds, you can score additional bonus points up to 5. At the end, your final score is displayed along with statistics generated by aggregating other math pack users total scores. This statistics includes Average, Maximum and your percentile rank. Parents can use this statistical analysis to understand your kids level and also to plan for right motivation.

To learn more on the statistics and other users usage & scoring pattern, Click Here

Download it in your Android, Apple and Windows devices !!

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Math Pack is one of the top 20 math apps in Android Market!!

Thanks Sean Carmody for showing how to use Math Pack in the class room!!

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